Friday, May 28, 2021

I do my best blogging from work.

  What's that Paige?  Have you already made it so big you quit your day job and now blog full time? 

Ha ha ha!  Regrettably no.  I still work a regular job eight to nine hours a day but I manage to squeeze in enough not working time to blog too.  I'm not proud that though.  Also, as a side note I want to mention that this is my first post in four months.  I’m amazed I even opened my blog back up, but good ol’adhd kicked in and I got terribly bored and was desperate for mental stimulation.

I figured I could get a laugh out of checking my analytics.  See how many people viewed my blog since I last checked in.  Surprisingly the most views came just a month ago.  At just ten views my guess is search bots, but who knows?

I’ve actually had this post saved as a draft for the entire four months I’ve been gone.  I figured if I started it then I’d be more inclined to finish it.  But my desire is a fickle thing and was fleeing to a new interest shortly after hitting the save button; even if I was not yet aware. 

But I’ve digressed from the point of this post entirely now.  I have the luxury of having a computer for use at work, and a job that has me at my desk for at least half of the day.  So while I am squeezing my writing in I can't help but wonder how much more efficient I could be.  There is an argument about how much of ones time at work should be spent actually working.  I think many of us feel it's not possible to be working ALL of the time, a minute here or there talking with a fellow associate, spending a few extra minutes in the bathroom, etc.  But am I balancing my work/ not work time well?  Probably not.

Should I care though?  I work for a nation-wide company.  I'm just a number to them and they'd replace me in a second and pay someone less to do the same work.  And according to this very thorough and scientifically reliable study the four hours of work that I complete on average is about on par to your average office worker in the UK.  So maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself?

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