Saturday, July 15, 2023

Games and Depression! Even you can't be caught unawares!

My last post was two years ago.  As I said before, my interest is a fickle thing and now I'm back again.  Maybe I should have waited two more years and posted this exactly four years later.  Would have added a nice level of symmetry since my previous post was four months from the one before it.  Then I could have moved from years to decades.  Making it to seventy-nine years of age would be worth writing a blog post about after all.   

By then we may be consuming content directly to our brains though.

Queue 80's synth-wave music...

I'm actually only writing this to stay back the overwhelming nothing of depression I was experiencing, an all too often occurrence.   It feels nice to get some creative juices flowing regardless of the many spelling and grammatical errors contained within.

The reason I even thought about my blog again was because I decided I wanted to go through my back log of games.  I have so many I've bought and never even installed.  And then I had the crazy idea of writing about my experience... like a review.  A Game Review!

But that's just a theory...

Joking and badly placed meme images aside.  It seems like an interesting use of my time, if it stays back the depression monster even a little then it's a good use of time.

And to start off my backlog game review I picked a new game I just installed.  Damn it I've failed already!

Keep a look out for the possibility of a review for a game titled The Gunk. 

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