Saturday, January 23, 2021

Platform Change

     I don't think I even made it twenty-four hours before I ditched the platform I started this blog on (Wix) and moved to Blogger.

    I had chosen Wix originally for its apparent simplicity over Wordpress.  And I had tried to work with Wordpress in previous years but the thing that makes it so widespread in the "blogosphere”—its massive customization—overwhelmed me.  And with no real goal in mind for my blog I didn't know where to start.  Honestly until right now I had taken my failure to work within Wordpress as another sign of my ineptitude.  That I wasn't smart enough.  But I see now that it just bored me; I couldn't sit through articles or video's teaching me the program because I wasn't interested in learning it not because I was dumb.

    After starting the blog and messing around with all the little doodads Wix had to offer I was starting to get more annoyed with it.  The company obviously wants me to pay for the premium service and that's understandable but at the prices they were charging and given that I'm working with the most basic of blog subjects (myself, ha!) meant I couldn't justify the purchase.  After some looking I decided that for now, Blogger is a better fit.

So, I left the high class and fancy halls of Wix to hang out with my ilk down in the slums.

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